The Abandoned have 4 vital stats that make up their fighting characteristics.

  1. Sentience
  2. Cunning
  3. Intensity
  4. Effect

Fighting / Combat

The Abandoned can fight alongside the Fallen or be in Weapon form. This section deals specifically with the rolling logistics and combat system.

As a creature, the abandoned’s stats are derived from this:
To Hit: Cunning and Intensity averaged out and divided by 10.
To Block: Sentience and Effect averaged out and divided by 10.
All rounded down.
Stamina: Sentience & Intensity averaged out.
HP: Cunning & Effect averaged out.

  1. Atur
  2. Nexo
  3. Terig
  4. Birtab
  5. Garond
  6. Skean
  7. Shroe
  8. Sephe
  9. Yemnok
  10. Toreros
  11. Dago
  12. Gipu
  13. Yitahk


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