Tengoku no Saitai

Episode 14
"Seed , Sin , Sinner , Saitai"

Well with that we are a little speechless. So he is telling us that he is here because he is looking for the “Stone of Truth”. And where better to look then here. Okay Usagi gave him that. This place attracted him so he did not feel like leafing. So it was the place that made us feel that way.
He was looking for his Sin Akane thought of looking at his Saitai. And then wished she did not. What She saw disturbed her a little. It was a gigantic black and all around Adam, the end was ripped and had the head of a Snake.
He is a conduit to the Seed and the Sinner to regulate power-flow.

We then concentrate back to the Stone and the Puzzle to activate the “Volger Stone”. We use Akane to imitated the winter-solstice calling the move “Cirque-du-soleil” And after Sanamn is bleeding for a good cause we actually manage to activate the Stone and ask our question.
What was Tomokos mistake?
When we do the stone tells us only for he and the one we packted with can learn this. And with that our Abandoned signaled us that they don’t know what is going on but they can not hear us anymore. Adam being forced to stand because all the stones are flying right now looks a bit angry at us but keeps watching.
The answer is “Tomoko believed that sinner was a being connected to the seed, that is not what a sinner is. A Sinner is any deviation from Saitai. The only deviation that can truly come is from the Seed, a sinner is a realized seed. Tomokos mistake was that she believed that she could become a sinner but she could not she is fallen. There are only 7 Sinners that are the seed realized.”

After that all quiet down again. Adam was angry and told us we are selfish pricks and then left. We should watch out from him now.
We thought about that a bit and found the name for the person in the Dasinashini is Lucifar because he is a fallen and did the first Sin the one that lead Adam to break the rules.
Then we talked about time and wondered how much had past. And then learned that Usagis birthday as coming up what made Akane think on cake and before the rest could do anything she was gone.

We followed her and found our self in Ito’s house with a Hitokiri waiting with a cake and Akane eating it. It was made after the recipe from Ito himself. He has a little muffin for me. He told us he is complying to this faith. He asked us how we are doing. He is following Tomokos instruction. And he is on the way to kill a Priest that is for the Abandoned he needs the world to rage.

After that we step in to the real world to learn that there has a lot changed. The towes are in sections patrolled by Fallen. We winged it to get out. And went to the JSDA to get the diary. Now that Ito is not there Usagi does not trust the place.
We get there and had some trouble getting in. After that we picked up the book. Sadly on the way out we run in some trouble. Sanman somehow set off the alarm. And also started a fight. But again we talked our way out of it. And he is not allowed to go back in. Well that is just fin. What we did not expected was Ito picking us up in a JSDA APV. Usagi was a little stunned with that but we drove with him trying to find the next plan of action.

We asked Ito what happened to him. He tock some herbs from the twins. He is still tacking them. We went to the south coast. Sanman is following the Saitai of Ito and end up back at the JSDA. We decided to talk with the person in the Dainashini.

Well we did it did not quiet happen right away. Shirotaka got sidetracked with some bones in the APV that are from Abandoned. And Sanman went off to talk with Adam that almost got him killed. Akane went to Hogosha to and had a talk with him while she waited for the rest of us to show up.

We got back together in the end and tried the name Lucifer. And it was the real thing. And we where the ones not quiet ready at that part. He told us that that Akane is a realized Seed making her a Sinner with a Sin not with her. Sanman is just a Seed now with his human part death. What made Shirotaka think maybe we could reattach his “soul” back to his body somehow. He also told us that Usagi could be anything with what her sister did to her. And Shirotaka is still able to use all the power that he was connected before.
The Seeds are used by that ever is in Katairon but even Lucifer is not naming it by name. With the way Sanman is he is not giving power to the Thing in Katairon.

Episode 13
"Let the Chips Fall Where They May."

We hear a gun shot echo in the normally so silent Shattered Realm. Our Abandoned are weakened and we knew something must have happened to Sanman. We chain up Naoki and step over to where he is. To find him on the ground a hole in his head. We don’t now what to do. After calling Kuriyuki back he tells us that the black connection is still keeping him alive to be reawakened. But is it save to do so we are not sure. But time is running out we can feel it. To much is on stake to just let him here and become a weapon to the Shintos. Usagi call’s the twins to take care of Ito and Naoki but they only take Ito with them to Taiki Sakamoto.

As they leave we feel the presence of the Guardians of the Glass how join us after we make them out standing on a large peace of glass over us. They want to help but can only save one Sanman or Ito. They are aware of what the Ayames have done to him and what will happen if they take control over the body. The ramifications of the unseen he will enormas and the resolving of it will kill lots. Abandoned will die in rows as the Ayames have planned. With Ito,Hitokiri managed a permanent connection to the Realm going in and out as he wants forcing Unseen out, to balance this realm.
With Sanman on the line we have to make a choice fast. In Samans case let him die or wake him up, or let the Gotg Help.

We end up deciding saving Sanman. And so the Guardians of the Glass pray to there Patron. With that Nefram Virge points his sword to the sky. Green lightning hid the blade. The Glass that wa flying around is gone and out of the clouds descends a giant chines Dragon out of glass. Than the Dragons tail splieds slowly up to the head and creates gillions of tentacles with wings attached to them they glass clinging against each other making a deafening sound. After Nefram told the dragon his request all the wings chattered and reformed a new white saitai around Sanmans neck. They say “Hopefully we say frinds and not enemies”. Sylus Payne Lookes one last back at Akane and winked, than they are all gone.

The first thing Sanman is doing is to reconnected with Gipu. What made Usagi think that that just know was breaking Covanend with out breaking covenend. Akane checks out the small scar on Sanmans forehead that almost formed a symbol.
Then we learn that there is no Abandoned or Unseen in Sanman but a Sin. Or better a Seat of a sin. He only remembers that even since before birth he was send to guarded a back egg. It is one of the cardinal Sins. And we should not call out there names for it might wake. And with that, the thing in the Dainashini is as well a Sin. In fact one of the first Sins.The First Sin.

With Akane wanting to kill Hitokiri we learn that he is a member of the pact. He has the full trust of the Abandoned that is why he can do what he is doing. They believe that all he is doing is for there great redemption. Its not a betrayal that way. That why he was part of Usagis sisters dead. His Eureka was the one attaking Usagi and causing the dead of Tomoko.

According to Kaze and Kuroiyuki what we need to do is to fight Them. Our Abandoned trust us despite the fact that we went and talked to them but they will let us do what we thing needs to be done. As Kuriyuki points out that he trusted Shirotaka to ask the right question. They know about Sanman and the Seat. They think that they are now strong enough to do it this time. Well we stopped him right there and asked what that means. Turns out that this is there 3rd try. And that Shirotaka was involved in the second one. But that is the memory he sealed away himself.
By the try to remember something went wrong and it killed him almost when his Saitai burned away. And with that we feel something is wrong with Sanman. Because he does not express any kind of emotion.

We Picture a Mask after making a save word with the Abandoned and step over to them.
In the conversation we learned that they call them self Oni An see the Pact as them. The Oni belief that they are to weak to take the pact on, all that makes Usagi laugh a bit. We learn that they want the same right like the Abandoned and are willing to fight with the Abandoned to go back. And they would not need all Mankind to do so. What they are looking for is a Key to go back to KItairen. Withe that and the Sinners with the Seats ,or tools what the Oni called sanman, they are ready to take down the true fallen and with that leave the Abandoned powerless. There are 7 of all of these.
They call Unseen, Humans and that is what they use as they need something. He revered to them as the Souls of those past, and they can covenanted with them but not like the Abandoned. So are Fallen and Unseen almost the same…?
Because Sanman is sill with us the Oni belies there is a sinner watching over us.
Tomoko was talking with them as well and where willing to go with her but did not belive she could make it. The tasked is just to impossible. Making True Fallen Seatwealders.

After that we way our options of following the Abandoned or siding with the Oni ,or following the Journal.
Usagi wanting to follow the Abandoned and Akane considering working with the Oni made a long conversation. And Sanman fearing the wrath of the Abandoned he blocked them out of the conversation.

We tried the memoryes again and this time striped the Dainashini that was holding them away.
That is where we learned what happened last time they tried the great redemption. All the powers of the Abandoned the Guardians of the Glass and the Pact where placed on to Shitotaka and on the Garond of his mother he went up to the sky in the Shattered Realm. But Glass started to cut the Garond down bit by bit and after he fall others starded to die and it failed.
They also discovered that Tomoko Hitokiri and Shirotaka where friends. And had a fight that resolved with Hitokiry leaving the group being angry at all of it.

After going over the options we follow the Book to the great Redemption but to convince the Abandoned we need to find the flaw in it. With that we are seeking out the next Volgastone. The hint Tomoko gives goes " The Volga Stones… Were created to separate. There were 6, but seven locations were chosen. 7 wonders to mask their power. One was destroyed, one was moved to Gakko no yoso. 5 remain in 7 places."

With that we look up the 7 wonders of the world and stared with Stonehenge. After getting lost a bit we make it there. But someone is walking around there. To avoid him we go in to the Shattered realm. To our surprises he is still there. And as we get closer we feel strange. Usagi turns to Kaze to find out what is going on but find him in shock. The stranger sees us and come to us as well intredusing himself as Adam asking us if we have seen his Sin.

Episode 12
"By the Book"

We are quiet for a while after that happened. And then desided to leave that alone for now. But where to go now after that. We just don`t know enough so we need to go after something that does. That would be the Journal. But before we can do that Usagi wants to get back together with the Abandoned so that they can all work together again. Because in the end we need them to get in any direction.
For with the War going on and the Ayames fighting and killing Abandoned and the GotG still working on fighting the Fallen we are right in the middle of everyhting. So we need to do something. And what better than to fight with them.

So Usagi contacts Kaze telling him that we all would like to talk with them to come to a agreement. We want to go to the JSDA so they arranged to meet at the top of the building.

We go there wiyh Ito because he came back at the next morning after dropping the Twins of at Gakka-No-Yoso Academy. We spent the Night at the Ayames because Sanman was still weak. And he was waiting for a paper to find out what Element his Abandoned is. He used the paper in the morning. It crumbled in to dust. Well he did not know if that was the awnser.He wants us to try it. But nothing happened.It is dark and cloudy and there are fights somewhere in the distance.

We drive and on the way Ito provided a cake again…As we get there we need help to reach the roof and get to it with out breaking the seals. So Ito lets us out and waits for us so we can get back in that way. When Shirotaka is the last out the door he has a sense of threat but can not pinpoint is. We get out and shortly after the Abandoned join us.

Akane and Koga are happy to see eachother. And so seems Kaze. Kuriyuki and Shirotaka approach eachother slowly to see if they are alright with eachother. Gipu and Sanman are fine but there conection is so weak because of the other Abandond Gipu has to be carefull that he does not become a Contener and request Sanman not to use is.
Usagi just then realises that the dark clousd are building a slow moving vortex with this building in its center.

They want to know if we are okay again to work with eachother. Sanman is, but requests from Gipu that he takes him with. The awnswer to that is that all the Abandond will be leaving with the great redamption. And we learn that Sanmans Element is earth more specific dust.
Akane wasn’t trust, no more secrets. But again they can not promies that for some knowlege is to dangeres and the Abandond trust Kuriyuki that he knowes when it is helpfull and when it is dangers that he would not even tell the Pact.

After long back and forth the Abandoned are okay that we use the book as long as we are not following the Book to close and still working to the great redemption and getting the Abandoned back. For Tomokos reserch was tacken as working against the Abandoned. Against trust because she questined everything they tould her. And still they can’t understand why Terigku would follow her. It was like following the dark conection that we have discoverd. And that is why they died together.
With that the question came up if we are real fallen. The Abandoned made a pact because of our strenght for we are differened. They learned that later because Tomoko tould them about the experemened to create fallen. Saitai normally flowes in one direction, to a person can normally only resive. A fallen can give it so someone that is why they can Covenant with Abandoned but it flowes in only one direction giving it away. We can take and resive what made us stronger. They don’t know if that is because of the connection to Sanman or because we have been designed Fallen.
And Kuriyuki is not telling us any more about it.

After we are in to aggremened that we look in to the book but do not acked on it, that we will bring the redemption even if the we learn all of it. And that we will not follow, but if we see betraiel because of it the Abandoned will remove there trust.

Naoki is following up with the Jornal
And that we don’t Sin the unredimeble sin like Naoki did. Naoki can still be redeam hereseylf they can restore. She is not half Abandoned. They can restore the madnass if she asked for forgivness.
The Pact is keaping THERM busy. Pulling them away from otheres aND bif places.

We go back to learn from the Diary.
We pull blood in to it. Her voise is talking.
→We learn how to use the VolgeStone. = only a Abandoned in stage 2 with a fallen can use it to asked one question. But if the question to wage or to simple t will kill the one asking or not awnser at all.
→The page that Hitokiri left for us talkes about
→Unseen where ones Abandoned and are no longer recotniced in the Phantyon after loseing.
→Questions that realate to the Fallen are blocked and ment to be awnsered by the beeing in the Dainashini. What is confusing because Usagis sister revers to him as the first of the Covernanted=What confueses Usagi because there where no Abandoned when he was sealed by the Ayames according to him. “What is his name” is the question to get in to the Dainashini
Saitai is our faith or desteny what we are ment to do before we die. Given by the goods and the the once how came before the Godes. _ Saitai is Destent faith to go against you desteny is to sin against there one natuer and death itself_
seperate the Covenedredeam our selfe without dieing. but what is live what is death…
→Glass in the shattered Realm = Asked the GotG but don’t let the unseen know. Kuriyuki will tell us what the glass is./Was once a mirrow aplace to atone and reflect, the voice of god or the pits of hell, pergetory, astroplain. Its broken now not as it should be , the unseen do what they can and she hopes that they will be free of it one day.
→Shirotaka is a great failere becasue of the experiace Tomoko did. With the GotG and the Unseen
→ when we sin we will now what THEY are.
→humans are not fallen

After that we follow up the Saitai to find out what it is connected to. Or better to punch someone God’s. But as we are jumping up at the end we are hitting a invisible wall. It made a bell sound when Sanman hit it. But in the fear of breaking something or doing something that is not so good we leave it. It was tempting to see if we could follow up in the shattered realm but almost all of us desided not to.

We went down again and Usagi explaint to the Abandoned that she would like to talk to Them. The Abandoned are against it but Kaze after some discussion with Usagi come to an aggreament that they let us talk only if they can stay close to make and have a trap there. So we get there in the desserd of the US. Where we almost see a being fighting with the other Abandoned of the Pact. Or better beeing let around. But the Abandoned are right they can not keep it up for long. Some depree falles close to us and in order to get that things attenschon, we throw the Stone back to it. And it acctually worked to get the attenshion. It comes to us. To all our suprisse we are getting not attacked. It addresses Akane as a sister! All of us as sister and brother. Sanamn as well but he is not happy that he is not pure.

They want us to come with them to meet father and are opening a portal. That is when the Abandoned step in. They attacked the mask that HE wore.

Well nor sure what to make of that we went for the VolgeStone in the shattered realm. So we blink back to the JSDA to go in to the Shattered realm. Ito insist to come with us and tock the big gun’s.

We went to the school ground and found the Stone. And asked the question what is the real redamption all humans or just us. After it tould us that all humans must die to get the great redamption the Abandoned where shocked and Kuriyuki was no where to be found.

Not a second after Hitokiri is there. The ground was shaking we felled like the ground was lifted. Then the went to Ito and grabbed his Saitai and ripped it from him. Then wrapped it around his arm and it turned black.

The GotG came but went as fat as they came.

Usagi grabs the still alive but limp Ito and charges after Hitokiri. Just to be stopped by a wild Naoki. We wanted to charge past her and lief it to Shirotaka. But when the group felled that she was doing a 10 year burn only Sanman was able to break free and follow him.

Just as we tock down Naoki to near death unconsciousness we hear a shot go off on the distance. We feel a power drain and the Abandoned call out for Gipu.

Episode 11
"Enter Sanman"

We came out of the Shattered Realm back to the basement of the JSDA. The first thing we think of doing is to talk with the GotG. But we don’t because we don’t really know how to approach them. So we asked to know if Sanman can see something connecting us. And indeed he sees a small black thread coming from him and splitting up to each of us separately. There is some energy flowing back and forth he thinks. But it is only us, no one else in the Pact is connected that we can see right now.
Then try to pull some strength from each other but because they are in the JSDA it does not work like that.

Now that they have realized that we decide we would like to talk with the head of the Ayames. Sanman sees that he got a message that his father is back. The message is already a day old. We decide to drive there. So Ito gets the URV. Well that thing also does not connect to the Abandoned. We asked Ito what the JSDA actually does. They make the people save how don’t want anything to do with the Abandoned. They also clean up after after the Abandoned after they fight and after the destruction. Also Usagi was a little shocked when he said that he is not a fallen yet. But he knows how the procedure works and the he has the potential to be a fallen. We also stopped at Itos pace he picked up a cake that tasted really good. Than he dropped us up at the Ayames. One hour later. On the drive we rested a bit.

We reach the Shinto Temple and after cleaning up a bit and beating some feathers out, we sit down to talk with Ayame-sama.
He explained that Sanman is different because he is half Abandoned. But he is still loved by his family and still Ayame-sama’s son. He is very insistent about that. That tells Usagi that he is lying, he is fighting the Abandoned and sees them as enemies. He could never accept his son. It is even more clear when he was saying that he has some seals in place to take care of him if something should happen to him.
Also he does not really care for human lives or lose if it is for the fight with the Abandoned .We are all fallen experiments. Akane Raiko was to be a test if a Fallen can reconnect but she fall short. But because she became friends with Sanman it was okay. Usagis sister wanted her at the right time at the right place. They did not know what she would do. And Shirotaka is the exact opposite. But he is not remembering out of his owe will.
He told us that the soul is traveling back or forth in time and that the Dainashini that Hogusha is guarding was made before the Abandoned came around. Time works differently. Fallen are the only ones with there stronger lv2 abandoned that can go in to the Shattered Realm. Even before Sanman could only see in to it.
He is also praying for fallen to know how is fallen and when. To create more Fallen. As he was leaving Akane for revenge mentioned she would pray for him…

We consider what to do with that knowledge. Sanman wants to try more. Usagi is against it for she does not want to awaken the Abandoned Skean container. We are leaving the Building and see Unseen down the hill.
And that are in a fight with 40 of them coming up the hill after we spotted them.
And just then Naoki, Taiki Sakamoto,Sakamoto, and the Twins came around. And Reanna came to to protect Sanman. We are fighting them. Naokis Hair is glowing again. And Sakamoto seems to be not quite herself. In the fight Sanman gets hurt somehow when we started to kill unseen. Naoki absorbed the unseen when she killed them. And the way Sakamoto fights was like she was paper. Which made Usagi think that she is her Abandoned pretending to be here. And Akane thinks that Taiki made her with her power. Usagi wants to talk with Naoki but something seems wrong she seems more bestial and wild. And when the fight was over she just ran off after the unseen that are running away.
Usagi follows her flitting just as Sanman fall unconscious.

GotG take responsibility for unseen

The Volger stones are probably at the other schools because we are special for having 5 Schools not like other countries.

Usagi catches up with Naioki and runs in to Hitokiri. She observes him stroking her cheek telling her “That’s a good girl now go to our meeting place” And she runs off. He looks and smiles telling me be thankful none of your little pact-members are dead yet.

In the meantime the Ayames bring Sanman inside with Shirotakas help. He uses the connection with the black saitai to give him some life energy and it worked. Usagi comes back after she lost Hitokiris trail. Talking with the twins she found out that the school has started the hunt which explained all the unseen. Then Ito comes wanting to help us but he was too late. He wanted Usagi to come with her to hunt some more unseen. But the Twins get one of there Chinese hypes because Ito is half Chinese and get in the Car so Usagi lets it pass. And they drive off. Usagi tells Ayame that she ran in to Hitokiri. And what she saw Naoki with him.

Then they went inside to find out how Sanman is doing. He was getting better. We try to find out that happened. Reanna came by Usagi asked her if the GotG knew what happened that so many Unseen came out. But she did not know.
A little later Hitokiri is at the door telling us that he has found the stones , and we should find out where our real sports teacher is working out. And because we have the agreement that we use it first before we let him use it. He felt he needs to give us a push to find and use the stone so that he can use it.

After that we again are talking about the dead saitai and the connection to us. Akane patted herself up to see if Hitokiri left something in her pocket again. And she found something. A page of the diary with the number 2 on it. On the back number 3. Usagi worried that he might got to the book now that the War has started and Ito is driving around texted him that he failed her. But he is busy talking with the twins. And instead Michyo texted her a jealousy mode icon. Annoyed she answered her to get lost.
Usagi is still against using the connection between us that it is not good. It is more alive again now that we concentrated on it. And to prove it she told him she could use the ‘telekinetics’ that Sanman does. And after concentrating she lifts and throws a candle. And that right after we heard ‘Yes YEAS my children!’ from the Dainashini.

Episode 10
"Separation Anxiety"

Shirotaka does not want to be part of anything. He does not want to be part of the pack or the have a Covenant. So Kaze made a desiceon because it does not work like that, till we can trust them again they got what they needed and left us. But not before he called Ito to get us in to sanctuary. Is that Kazes way of saying ‘think about it we are not going to intervere or influrance you’.

So we leave the Shattered realm and take the car to the JSDA building. In there we are wondering what to do. How to get power without the Abandoned. What power is there. Well we have Sanman ‘Magic’ , other Saitai from plans and humans, other Fallen. While Sanman is not sure if he want to take that Usagi has a conversation with Shirotaka about the morals of doing so for he has no remorse. While the coparesons with orange-juice made Akane just hungry for breakfast. Usagi is asking if Ito could get something to eat. He showed up after that telling us that a friend of ours is working in that coffee. Whit that he is also mentioning something about the War against the Abandonedthat the Ayames are starting up again because of recent events. Sanman is sending Ito away for a lot of errands.

We where are School after for nothing better to do. Sanman Tryes to contact Hitokiri for more Information. We run in to more sleeper-cells Kujiro and Michyo. Chines dressed twins… Then we got in to the Sportclass to see that Hitokiri tock that class over. And he called us over well all the Fallen by the pack accept Akane. He tells that he has new contract to kill Naoki as well Taiki Sakamoto tryes to contact him for something. He has not talked to her. But might later at the coffee-place. So we would meet him there. We can not go in to more because all of the sudden Shintos drop from the Sky and take over the School. With the first rule to obay or be Expelled. And the ones they made trouble that placed a comand seal on to them. And with that Akame got on. The Twins made a Illuishen so we can sneak out.

So we all meed up at the coffee-place ’Kohi’me’. Akane still ahvin that Seal on her back Usagi asked the Abanodnd if tehy can do somehing. And as a singe of good faith Koga burned the Seal off.
We find Hitokiri sitting at one place with a stranger. Sanman tries to joine him but the Stranger conveniently hides his face and Sanman got the hint from hitokiri let them alone.
Taiki Sakamoto sees us and gieves us a angry-sad look before geting out of sight. When she asked what we would like to drink she is not very friendly. That made us worry she might poison our drinks. But than she seemed like all was fine and nothing happend at all. In fact she believed her sister is still a life and we do observe a familiar looking outline pick her up. It is puzzling to Usagi. After she left Usagi finde a not stating that she forgives her because of her one sister. Just after that Sanman gets a text “don’t trust that Blue haired thing” . The twins go back to school. Naoki trys to find out what to do and wants to know more about the book. But we don’t want to consider the option right now. Instead we want to know more about the “Magic” of Sanman what should not work.

So we went over to the Ayame family and talk with Sanmans Grandpa. He is not sure but it its not Magic. her responds more to the word Abillity. And telles him he has to talk with his father about it. So he goes with Akame to find him. In the meantime Shirotaka stayes there meditading to break the seals, Usagi staying with him meditading as well. Trying to talk with Kaze to work this out.
When they come back Shirotaka remembert that it was him that drove Tomoko mad not the Journal. So the Journal might be save. Only that we recotniced that Naoki was not with us anymore. And after some asking around. Usagi learnd that she went after the book. So did Hitokiri , according to Ito. So Usagi tould him no one is to see or take the book besides her. And he did. Sanmans dad is not here but he left him a massege that we would like to speak to him.

Then Kaze talked all the sudden to Usagi. Telling us that Hogusha is wanting to talk to one of us about something game-changing. And we would need to come to the Shattered Realm for that. Well we could do it 2 ways the JSAD or a other bulled that got convieniently dropped in to Akanes pocked. We go with the JSDA because Naoki tried to take the book this time. But Ito holed firm and scared her off?! But we missed her.
He is okay to let us use the way in to the Shattered Realm from here, and brings us to the basement. Where he lights 6 candels and is ready to fight an unseen. As payment for that and guarding the book he would like a date… or not…or so… But than he gets all focusd when we enter the Realm.

In the Realm we meed up with Hogusah. He is connected and alive because of the Dainashini, and the beeing inside he is guarding. He tells us first that, that he would want one of us to enter. It might break the covernant with the Abandond. We follow him as he requested. But then tells us we can not have the Abandond here. And her is pushing them away after we consent to that. Sanman wants to learn that. And get too.
He also now tells us that this is to dicive the Abandond in beliveing that one might enter the Dainashini.

The Unseen anker the Shattered Realm to ours?!

But than he tells us something that changes everything. According to him we are all connected as like our one Packt a long time ago and he is the one how eraised the memory about it as of his masters wish.

Akane is the mind, what Sanman found really funny. Usagi is passion or intensety what made them all laugh a bit out loud. Sanman is willpower. And Shirotaka is Power. What explained why he seeks to be stronger.The Packt knew that and is frightend by us fundamantaly. The seaked us out to break our power and seal theres. Sadly after that he is not saying much more.

And Talkes about the Dainachini again. So in order to enter we need to ask the right question to it. And we only have one try… or get killed . He lets us know we need to find a ’Volga-Stone’ to find the right question for they have the awnser to everything , and that they are guarded by glass, and need a lot of power to use. Might that be the object the Abandond are after. That lets us thing he might also mean the GotG. There where 6 once but one was broken. Usagi is wondering if that might be the conected to Tomoka and Shirotaka. After that he lets the Abandond come closer again. They where actually scarred that we might did and consernd when they would die.

Sanman know is puching them away to try it out. It was harder then he thought. So we had to be quick. We dicide we need to talk to the GotG again or fight them. And after that we blow 6 times to leave the place the way we came in.

Episode 9

We are in the Shattered Realm, surrounded bey the Unseen. 4 of them Attack Shirotaka only.Naoki attacked one of the Unseen that than gut absorbed in to her weapon and made her hair glow green. Why only him? But there is no time to wonder. We are getting surrounded by the rest. Akane makes a fire wall so we don’t get attacked from behind. But we suddenly hear something. The other Unseen outside make a sound like they’re singing or calling for something. But because of the firewall we cannot see what is happening. A big Unseen thing is all of the sudden there and after a moment or two observing us it’s attacking over the sky cutting off all the Saitai and we are thrown out of the Shattered Realm by exedend by Sanman. Usagi had the feeling she had seen that before. It felt like a dejavu. Also she could hear a familiar voise that sounded like the one of her sister wispering “And that is what happens when the Abandond are beeing unschecked.”

We are confused and there are a lot of dead bodyies around and the city destroyed where the Unseen reached whit his attack. Kaze explained to us that when we loose a battle in the shatterd realm the unseen claim the saitai. And that would be the resould…
The school was fine so is the old guy of this shop. The guys talk with the old guy and Akane works with Usagi to uncover Sakamoto. Then Taiki Sakamoto comes and seeing her sister like that was to much for her. So we left her there for there was nothing what we could do for her.

We went to Naoki’s after we caught her up, and decided that we are asking the GotG for some more Info. And ask Nephram to come over. Usagi asked the group what they want from the GotG and it is mostly that we want to enter the Shattered Realm without being hunted down and killed. So we want to make sure we are on the same page if or if we not to join the GotG.

He actually came alone. But showed us his weapon. We had a lot of Question. The Unseen in him is to help him fight something better or diffrend. Usagi did not understand is all. The reason they are working against the Fallen and against people how enter the shattered realm is that when they enter an Unseen gets out. What is the reason we have Unseen in our world and that is why the GotG want to wipe out the Fallen so that they can not create more of what thy have to fight (Unseen).
They have a system for themselfe, to take care for it when they go in to te ralm and do only they know? We would have to help with that and be on call.
We did not know if we want to. So Nephram agread to give us one day to think thinks over.

We had a lot to think about that after. And our Abandoned gave us some more to think about after. According to them they have a different system to prevent Unseen to leave when we get in to the Shattered realm. That’s why they have sleepers in the realm that get out insteat of Unseen acting as an counter-balance. We did not see a reason to join the GotG and have them find out our secreat about the Pact. So we descidet to let Nethram know that we are not joining. And so we are palning on how to enter the realm with out the GotG knowing it. Usagi called Ito to find out how and if they can enter the Shatteerd Realm. What gave him the idear to come here. Also we where in the middle of talking when a Bullet poped up on the table.

Akane touched it and sees Hitokiri run around us and that dissepearing behind the shett. The bulett istelf sayed “Catch me if you can”. So nothing better to do Usagi tock the leat on it and the others followed her behind the shead. On the way Ito showed up. We found a other bullet that read “Shoot me” first Usagi thought with the guns that Shirotaka head but they where not real. So she borrowed Itos gun. He was first not sure about that. And toock all his bullets out. And Usagi was pritty sure he was not happy when she pointed the loaded gun on to all the other first bevore she made the shot. What made her do it on the first place. The tree she hit twistes around apone inpacked and a fine glittery mist came from it. On closer inspection we discoverd that that was a enterenc to the shetterd realm. Because Ito had no Abnadond Usagi send Ito away… he hopes to get a Birtab and we just shock our heads because that would fit to him.

Even in the woods ther is glass in the Shatterd realm. In here the Abandent finally tould us what they are after. Or better Kaze made Gipu tell us what Usagi thinks has a more then just the purpes of tounting Gipu.
But what Gipu tould them came as a supprise for most of them. The Covenant takes our livefores. That is fact with all Fallen and there Abandend. But he tould us that they have taken all our Saitai already. And that we might not even have a year anymore and when it is all over we might die at best have a year or so. They need that power because they need to be strong enough to find and use a Opject here in this realm what when asked will give a awnser to any question. And they want to find out there way home. Gipu seemed warry proude and unapologetic telling us that they are using us for there goal.

Kaze belifes the GotG are after that Opject as well. But are with there wronge 3lv Abandond not strong enough to use it. And that they have to find it before them.

That Hitokiri all the sudden hung from the tree. And started to spin a bullet what froz the Abandend in place. He wants in on this. He offered us his help if we let him ask a question as well. So we made a deal hat if he finds it he will let us know where it is. And as a singe of good fate he unfroze the Abandond loaded and shot a Bullet at Shirotaka that in turn brock one of the memory’s free that he had blocked from a seal. Than he was gone. It did not leave us not much time to wonder about where he could get seal-breaking bullets.
With what our abandond just had tould us and what Shirotaka remembert something must have made “klick”
He got angry, the ground froze and he growels"I will not be a pupped anymore!"

Episode 8
Hanging by a Thread

-We started by discussing a plan of attack against Hitokiri. We realized he’d had a lot of time to prepare and decided we needed a good plan.
-After discussing his motives, we concluded that his goals were probably personal and he was after Raiko.
-From there we decided our best plan of attack was to have Raiko face him head-on and have Sanman/Gipu provide her with void armor, while Usagi/Kaze and Shirotaka/Kuroiyuki tried to deal with the fire by freezing the room.
-Our teamwork was actually pretty good (surprisingly so, in fact) and we managed to foil most of Hitokiri’s attacks.
-After a bit of a scuffle, we managed to subdue Oreika, Hitokiri‘s Abandoned by flipping him on his back and sealing him with Sanman’s paralysis seal, and Hitokiri himself laid down his weapons, but with a smile.
-He told us that he would tell us what we wanted to know, but first we had to accept him as an ally.
-We did, grudgingly, though Raiko swore the moment he betrayed us, she would destroy him
-He told us Sanman‘s father at the Shinto shrine had taken out the contract to kill Raiko’s parents, but to let her live in order for her to become a stronger warrior.
-He also told us the contract to kill Sakamoto had come from a man named Silas Payne, a friend of Nephram’s and another member of the Guardians of the Glass.
-We also demanded he give us Tomoko’s journal, which he did. When we dismissed him, he faded away and we realized we had been fighting a heat mirage the entire time. Bastard.
-We skimmed through the journal and found a lot of questions and answers.
-We were told that the journal was still encrypted to some degree and the only way to truly reveal everything was by putting saitai into it, but that would be breaking the Covenant
-Our Abandoned warned us that we had to make a choice, whether to trust them or pursue Tomoko’s research. Kaze promised us that if we agreed to trust them, our Abandoned would finally provide us with some answers, to which Gipu promptly disagreed with.
-We debated for a while, but ultimately decided that we would trust our Abandoned and not look into the knowledge in the journal.
-Unfortunately, we found out that the Guardians of the Glass could track down the journal unless we put it somewhere safe. So for now, we decided to keep it with the JSDA where the Abandoned and hopefully the Guardians couldn’t find it.
-After deciding to trust the Abandoned, Kaze told us we deserved some answers, but Gipu wanted to stubbornly withhold them from us, so Kaze asked Koga and Kuroiyuki if they thought they could trust us as well and they agreed.
-Kaze ordered Koga to eat Gipu and spit him back out then assumed leadership of the Pact.
-He told us we should probably inform Nayoki about the Pact in order for her to replace the recently deceased Sakamoto. He also mentioned we should at least know the other sleeper members of the Pact.
-As we were discussing this, Nayoki showed up…with a whole bunch of Unseen…

Episode 8:
"Hanging by A threat"
Episode 8 – Hanging by A threat

We get in to the Fight prepert. Akane and Sanman Burned all together three years. And after a faile of Shirotaka abilities he burend 3 as well. Usagi stayed at the one that Kaze gives her.
The room was filled with smoke after Sakamoto’s body hit the floore. But with wind of Kaze and Gipus gravity on the rufe. We get the smoke to go upward. Revieling that after shooting at us Eurika was holding the gun.

We asked Sanman to find

Episode 7:
"The Burning Truth"
Episode 7 – “The Burning Truth”

- We have a small Breakfast the next morning. Because Akane eats most of it. And after that we decided to go to get the memory of Shirotaka.

-We make our way to the Shrine where his Dainashini is kept. But because its a personal one apparently only he can go in to it.

-Just after he entered 3 Abandoned enter the are and attack us. We take them down and make them containers?

- Shortly after that Shirotaka comes out. Telling us he remembers most things. And tells us about that his parents where working to find out more about the Abandoned and got killed because of that or dies because of it…
And that a childhood friend named Tomoko found out how to evolve the Abandoned to stage 3. But She went crazy because of it and has disappeared leaving a Journal behind. Shirotaka feared that when he remembers what is in the book that he will go mad too, which is why he intentionally forgot about it.
We planed on getting that Journal because Tomoko Usagi is Kuro Usagis older sister and died some months ago, but her Journal Kuro says is still in her room.

-Just after that we get thrown in the Shattered Realm and fight 3 Unseen… more or less together. We are more in each other way…

-After that Shirotaka tells us how to get in and out of the Realm. That we have to break something to get in an to get out we have to focus on a place and step in to it that’s why a doorway works best.
We get out well almost. Sanman did not get out right away. He looked all dead to us standing there. And for him seeing us in the Realm we just fall down dead. Gipu helped him out.

-And we find ourselves in Ayame’s Study. We can not help it but recognized all the newsletter papers. We found out that he was stalking Akane. When her parents dead. And that even after. Also a person named Hitokiri somehow saved her. There were other news clippings and it became apparent that he was following Abandoned and Fallen… But we did not get more for the house butler Willson “escorted” us out of the room. This all is suspicious.

-Then we explained that to Reanna that we entered the Shattered Realm by accident. And did not mean to make a statement for or against the GotG.

-We also learned that the Group chat that we thought was only for us 4 expands to all the members in the Pact. . . they just don’t know that password peaches to talk themselves. . . poor Nayoki and all the other hearing voices in their head.

-Because the Journal holds so many secrets, Uasgi wants to pick it up before too many learn about it. So we go to her … yes Mansion. Where we discovered that her parents sold the place and her Sisters belongings are auctioned off.

-After a lot of tracking down and a lot of luck we end up at the security firm JSDA to learn that he just sold it to another person. That person we saw leave the building and Akane had a bad feeling about him. But Koga was not allowed to follow. So we send Kaze and Kuriyuki after him.

-The JSDA works with the Ayame family. And has seals that can somehow cut the connection with our Abandoned without breaking the Covenant.
Because of that opportunity we got a little talk in but not much.
We know that the Abandoned are after something and that they fear telling us because they can not risk that we would reject their goal and them.
Shirotaka is mentioning that Gipu has a connection with the GotG.
The Abandoned’s goal is something called “The Redemption” but Usagi’s sister called it by a different name “The Calling”. But we get interrupted by Ito.

-Because of the story we had told to get this far the CEO gave us the help of his son Ito.

-When we leave the building we find out that that man was Hitokiri. And that Kuriyuki was caught by him. Koga had only time to rescue Kaze. He was all beaten up because he had to punish himself for not listening to Gipu? Usagi was not sure what that meant but she would talk with Kaze about that later.

-So Koga wants us to meet Akane’s teacher for he has something to tell us.
And it turns out that Hitokiri was the one that Killed Raiko’s parents. And that he was a former Student in this Dojo. He was the best but turned dark? …
He has a Level 2 Abandoned called Oreika.

- Oreika and Koga know each other and Koga chose Akane to be his partner because they had this connection with each other…
He also tells us that it was Gipu that told him not to follow Hitokiri when we saw him first and Akane ask him to go after him. He tells us that he is a Lv 2 and his Fire “Inferno” is too hot. And they would have started to fight right there.

_Usagi was not happy about that. She asked him why he did not say anything earlier but he was under Gipu’s orders. He could not. That he had to punish himself because he went and got Kaze to safety.

-We get out Abandoned to Lv 2. As that happens Kuroiyuki comes back. Telling us that he has a message from Hitokiri. That he is waiting for us at the " CoverTree BookStore"

-We get held up by little things And then Ito called asking us where we are. He is at the bookstore but before he can tell more we here shots and the phone goes dead.

-Finally, because of the Incident Usagi gets them moving. But we get there too late.
The Store is on fire. And as we get in he has Sakamoto in the middle of the room being held by her one paper strings that are on fire.

-There is nothing we could do for her, as we came in we hear her shout “run” before he kills her with a shot to the head.

-And all the fire went out…

Episode 6:

Episode 6 – “Connections”

-We attack the Unseen but soon we recognize we don’t hold a candle to it. He was not even
really fighting with us. Our Abandoned told us to run or burn some years. but we have to all do it together, well i do not want to and it looks like Shirotaka has the same thought. but Sanman started to burn 2 years as did Reiko with 1. I hear some one say ’do it" and the Unseen gets a power-jump. Well time to leave. Before they finish I snap them out of the burn and take them out of the are.

-We are back at school. Because of the relationship with our Abandoned we are avoided by most students and teachers…

-At lunch we see? hear Sakamoto and Hayori fight about something no one won Akane was watching them and was supper excited about it.

-Reanna comes in to our class. everyone is confused because she looks so close to her brother Sakamoto. And then it turns out that she claims to be Sanman’s girlfriend.

-We discuss the ‘unique unseen’ but again Gipu shuts them down and all we learn is that the pact is to hunt down thous Unseen.

-Reanna is angry at Shirotaka for leaving the Guardians of the Glass the way he did and calling him a trader. But Shirotaka does not know a thing. And so we learn that he lost his memory and that Sanman’s family did it. That means we go to the Ayame family to find out more.

-We go but find that his dad is gone to a important meeting and we could not get through to him. But we learned that we all have rich families except Reiko.

-We spend the night there. Talk to Sanman’s Grandfather. A little sneaky pervert. He tells us that his dad probably placed or made a Dainashini out of the memory or something like that.

-Back at school and pick up the phones after the clubs.

-At lunch that makes lunch even more crowded. With Riana giving Sanman food and Taiki being Sad because Sanman actually likes the food. And Sakamoto and Hayori making Shitotaka o’bento’s what ends up going to Reiko because they fight over it again. me getting nothing and hunting taiki down for her food.

-Naoki come and tells us that she would like the same relationship like we do with out abandoneds but Gipu again it for she is a sleeper pact member he is against it. This time we overrule him because. And invite her to the battle checkers.

-We go to the Shibuya phone place and after some awkward conversation and the help from Reanna we get the phone. But before we can call Sanman takes off because his father was home.

-We follow and learn quite a bit.And even more when Nephram Verge came in.

  • Reanna is because of Sanmans Strange behaviour Guarding him on his dads order.
  • He is convinced that the schools have to change so he is buying them to enforce rules for how to deal with the Abandoned. And use them as tools
  • Shirotaka’s memories are in the basement in the form of a Dainashini we decided to get them tomorrow.
  • Shirotaka is needed for the GotG plan to survive their own plan in the end. So our decision is important in the end to them and if we are joining them.
  • Sanman’s dad knows about the plan of the GotG and in general seem to have a working relationship full of sectors it seems

-After a long confusing talk we runn in to the trusting issue of our abandons again. But this time Gipu insist to punishing Kuroiyuki. And Koga has to do it. He takes and swallows him and spits him out after exhausted and drained. But he is fine soon after. Usagi did not like seeing it.


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