Yumi Amasato

A Real Katar-cher



Height: 5’6"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair-Colour: Red and Black Streaked
Hair-Style: Bowl-cut with a braided rat-tail into a top-knot.
Eye-Colour: Intense Blue


Yumi is a positive go-getter, and enjoys a scrap-or two. She has been wanting to be a Fallen so badly that when she was confirmed she thought it might be fate or destiny. Being an archer she began intensely hoping that her Abandoned would give her the power over archery as well.
She is honest, truthful to a fault, but not always the brightest, and quite gullible.


Bonded to a Birtab named “Bert”, a Tabu’chi that also gave her Katars.

Yumi Amasato

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