Kuro Usagi




Height: 5’0":
Weight: 94.7 lbs
Hair-Colour: Pearl-Blue, Black
Hair-Style: medeum long on dthe sides that are blue thin black long in the back.


Covenant to an Aturfu with the name Kaze

Beeing Covenant with Kaze wants her to work and trust him. Because she likes the Abandond for they where around her when she grew up.
She feeled conected with Kaze and wants to trust him. For he is/was tought by Tomoko’s Terig and they worked so well with each other. She looked up to her Sisters but also feels like being in her shadow never good enough.
She likes the Abandond because she grew up with that Terig around playing with her while her sister was busy and her parents gone.

She does not like being surprised or coth of guard and so seeks to be informed and prepared.

Kuro Usagi

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