Tengoku no Saitai

Episode 5:


Episode 5 – “Dainashini”

- We free Hajori and with her help manage to defeat the giant Unseen. She used what looked like a lifeburn to help us beat it. turns out because her Abandoned is stage 2 it can take the load of the burn and make her as powefull as if she is burning a life. But she still looled tired after that. So there might be more to it then she lets on.

-Hayori and Sakamoto get in to an Argument on how the train us.

-Out Abandoned are outside arguing about something regarding to us and i heard Kaze threatining Gipu…KuroiYuki is upseat as well about something and how things are going.

- But because of the fight Usagi ended the arguments by telling them she is tired wants to eat and go in to the hot tub. So we recoverd for the rest of the day.

-Later on Kuroi-Yuki and Kaze are coming to us telling that they are right now going to tell us something against Gipus will and that it would be up to Sanman to tell Gipu about that. We deside to lissen to them.


- In the next morning we have a slow wake up and after we deside to go in to the Dainashini.
So Sakamoto brings us to the warehous and as we enter it with our Abandoned as weapons. But that Gipu and the others are there in frond of us and we still have them as weapons. Everything is in a green light.

- In here they expalin a bit more about the Pact. There are 12 active ones from the 24 all together. And that it would be bertter not to seek them out so they are not making thm a target. Also bevore they where Abandoned they controlled the Unseen and kaped them in place but they have now taken over. After that they showed them self in there second stage form. And ask us to go find the the Guradians of the Glass and allie with them. more to find out how they have stage 3 Abandoned for that shouldent be possible as well they suspect that the number of the fallen might really have something to do with the Unseen.

-They want us to expereiance the power of an staget 2 and so Sanman and Akame combined there powers to make a supernova…

- Then Nephram Verge came threw the hole we tore in to this Dainashini dimantion and is inviding us to join the Guardians of the Glass. Even giving Shirotaka his old rank back?!
He understand that we need time to think so if we want to join we shouyld just go to the Shibija district and in the phonestore buy Nocia Phones what will have a saved number in it.
But if we enter the shetterd real before that we pass in his offer. And we are enemis.
And with that he pulle a 6 shoter out and firers a bullet. And as we look away following hteh bullet he is gone.

-Well so as we where tring to find that out an jelly like unssen come out of nowhere having something inside him that glowed green and black. Again this one was not to hart to defeat. And we Rescued someone out of our class what was the center if that unseen. Her green hair stoped glowing after we pulled her out.

-Finally ouit of that warehouse and out of the Dainashini. We think. We are allone in ther dark outside. But first we splash some water on the girl.

- She wakes up and after long back and forth we find out that her name is Nayori. She is a newbi out in a trainingsseschen with some better fighters as they where attacked and that was the last thing she remembert.

-We find the Sakamoto sisters and the pink haired girl Hayori again in a hot tub in a warehouse and we eat and have a relexing evening. Arcording to them we where gone for almost 2 weeks.

- In the morning the others leaft for school and we where about to go too, when some americans showed up wanting to sky in the Snow…
well there is no snow. So angerly they go into a differend warehouse .

- And than we hear them fireing bullets. We went in to help them but we are to late. We wittnes a Unseen that is way more pronaunsed cut one if the saiai and suck on it. Than he looks at the corpes as if he is looking for someting just to throw hing down appering discusted. There was more in the back but before we can take a look that Unseen attacks us.


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