Tengoku no Saitai

Episode 3:



Episode 3:“Powder-Keg”

-Outmatched Usagi gets them to leap in the sky. Holding them up there on Airbubbles.
Unserten what just happend we observe a lot of Fallen enter the Lyberi and see a Illusion go up to hide the fight so its looks like the Enemy never attacked the Libery and nothing is happening.

-Sanman sensing some kind of magic, he is not sure about and itritats him. So we land at a different area in the shattered relm. To find out what it is.

-A old guardian of the Ayame family shows up and tells us that this is a seald place once used to train abandoned to the next level. But this place is so changed and corrupted and to strong to be unguarded. He is advising us to find a trainer how is treading the Abandond like we do so that we don’t die.

-Not wanting to get in trouble we leave the shattered realm and wake up in our bedroominds. Now looking for someone how can help us with our abandoned. We find some how might help us, ask the right way. So we get together in order to get too the bookstore to find out more.

-On our way a girl steps in the way, calling us out as abandoned lovers or something and we end up in a fight that escalated when Sanman burned 3 years of his life and killed 10 fallen.

-Being this distructif the people in the cole-suite remind us on there warning.
After 1 of the ones that seem to be in our favor,is waiting for us in the book-store.

-Because of the killing we are wanted. And she agreed we need to learn, so she will bring us to a place to learn what we need.


Bawyn Shirocco

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