Tengoku no Saitai

Episode 2:

"Right Place, Wrong Time"


Awaiting a post-episode synopsis

Episode 2 -“Right Place, Wrong Time”

- They want to kill us. So far as i understand, it’s that they want to kill the fallen to save the world…. One of them leaves all of the sudden after the Abandond tells him something and returns with a boy with Silver hair the same as the women how broght him here. She is about to kill him as a Shroe comes around and protecs him.
The leader has a Garond, Kaze tells me he will attack us and we should be carefull.
But after a while before we can do anything they desider that we are here by exedend that we are not ready jet and that intregs him so he lets us go. With the warning that our actions should not couse death to others.

-And we are back in the room the boy that got picked up is with us in the room now too.

-But just after we sad down the girl with the silver hair appears with a challeng to see our strange, so with her 6 Abandond come and attack us and she disserpiers.
We are left to fight a Dago, Skean, Sephe, Toreros, Shroe and a Yemnok.
We win. The defeted Abandons are empty and we could use them like the other girl did.
But again Morito comes and sees what we did. For some reason he is angry and Akane with her Koga give him the idear for super detention. So we got stuck in the Libery after school to clean it up. Even the new boy his name is Shirotaka Hiroshi.

-We have normal school. Having the advantage of a strong bond and already beeing able to change out abandond to a weapon draws attancon. Three teachers are aprotcing uns wanting to; Study the Unseen as we fight them, per lab and one tells to just let it be.

-Shirotaka is in Sanmans room and Akane is in the same room with Usagi. And the rooms are across with each other. We find a note saying we need help and should meet in the Libery at midnight.
But we are not sure and ignore the call.
We try to find a club for us all but Usagi and Shirotaka go to the Kendo club and Sanman is making his one club together with Akame. Its a build and battlesheker club.
We realice we are watched but can not make out from where or why.

- In class the teacher now tell us that we should not treat out Abandond as pets or frinds. They are tretchery and need to be handeld as tools to fight the Unseen, nothing more. And in order to get to our full strenght we need them to be nothing more then tools. So we should place rings around them as well carrie them in weapon form what will take there will from them.

-We find a other not again if we dont want to die we should meet at the Libery at midnight. Well we never did sneack out after houre and get cought to do more Libery houers.
annoyed with this Usagi sends out Kaze to find the person with send. He did not need to serge long for she was in the Libery with them.

-She wants us to come with her for she has never seen Abandond so eger to evolfe and take the live-forece. She thinks we are used and enderngerd by our abandent and need to lern. so she offers us to come and read books that might help us understand them better. Her grandpa is the owner of the covertree book store. Now koga remembert that there in deet was a basment in the store.

-just after she left and we desidet to follow her to her bookstore. But just then the seeling comes down. Fire and Ice all around us and a big, blue, humenoied, insect comes in and attacks.


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