Tengoku no Saitai

Episode 15

"Snow on Mt Fuji"

Eating a Apple we learn a bit

Talk with Lu

Going out of the Shattered realm and realize it was close to Christmas. So we also now learned that there has a lot of time gone by.
So we tock some time for us. And later got invited to a party with all the Pact members there. Usagi also asked for the Guardians of the Glass to come. We had a good time.

Hitokiri Gave us direction t get the old Sanman back because he " felled bad that he shot him"

So we did go in to the Dainashiny and found the Sanman part there and a older guy that is his other halfe.
The other part the good part that could have used the Sead.
He wants to know what Sanman is gonna choose. And he went with the power of the Sin and got his human side back.

We leave the Dainashini as fast as we could after making the choice just to find a blood bath of almost all the other Pactmembers beeing dead.

The Guardians of the glass tould us that it was Hitokiri how did this. And with that snow finally satrted falling. But it was all red from the bodys laying on the ground.


Bawyn Shirocco

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